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Emily Harrison

resurrected Sarah Kane, 24th August 2016, London

Emily Harrison is a poet and short story writer. A former Saboteur Awards Best Spoken Word Performer, she has performed at Glastonbury and Latitude as well as headlining numerous poetry events around the country. Her full-length poetry collection ‘I Can’t Sleep ’cause My Bed’s On Fire’ (2016) is published with Burning Eye Books. Emily’s recent collaboration with TrueTube is the BAFTA nominated ‘Reply With A Fully Stop If You Get This’, a short film that explores living with a mental health disorder. Emily is currently working on a collection of short stories. She lives and teaches in Hackney.


Her full-length collection, I Can't Sleep 'cause My Bed's On Fire, was published by Burning Eye Books in 2016 and is available here.

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