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Upcoming events

Come and witness a resurrection with some of the most brilliant living poets around.
You can take part, too - our open mics mean anyone can summon a Dead Woman Poet.

N.B. Our 2019-21 national tour funded by Arts Council England finished in September 2021.
We'll be back soon with more events - get on our mailing list to be the first to hear,
and get in touch if you want us to run an event or workshop at your festival, venue or school.

Previous events

September 2021

Malika Booker & Lizzi Hawkins

Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Séance with Helen Bowell & Jasmine Simms, and zine-making workshop with Jasmine Simms & Lily Arnold

WayWORD Festival (online)

​​August 2021

Geneviève L. Walsh & Charlotte Wetton


July 2021

Bridget Minamore & Nina Mingya Powles


June 2021

Julia Copus & Thea Ayres


April 2021

Momtaza Mehri & Hannah Hodgson


October 2020

Modern Poetry in Translation: focus on dead women poets launch

Zoë Brigley, Natalie Linh Bolderston & Jessica Wood


February, 2020

Caroline Bird & Jade Cuttle

The Forum, Norwich

​January, 2020

Suzannah Evans & Warda Yassin

DINA, Sheffield

November, 2019

Ruth Sutoyé & Zahrah Sheikh

National Poetry Library, London

April, 2019

Zine making workshop

Red Haus, Sheffield

October, 2018

Astra Papachristodoulou and Jasmine Simms

The Poetry Cafe, London

August, 2018

Ankita Saxena and Helen Bowell

The Poetry Cafe, London

June, 2017 

Fundraiser for Women for Refugee Women 

Azfa Awad, Shash Trevett & Fatima Diriye

The Poetry Cafe, London

December, 2016

Helen Mort, Jenny Danes & Imogen Cassels

New Roots, Sheffield 

August, 2016

Rachel Long & Emily Harrison

The Poetry Cafe, London

August, 2016

Helen Bowell, Sarah Fletcher, Phoebe Stuckes & Camille Ralphs 

The Poetry Cafe, London

June, 2016

Frances Leviston, Sarah Fletcher & Eiffel Gao

Norman Chapel, Durham

June, 2015

Durham Book Festival

Jasmine Simms, Sarah Fletcher, Helen Bowell & Katie Byford

Empty Shop, Durham

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