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RESISTANCE - a Dead [Women] Poets Society zine

!!! THEY ARE HERE !!! Our zines raising funds for Sisters Uncut have arrived. It’s been a long time in the making, and we are itchy to get these out to you all.

All profits from the sale of this zine will be donated to Sisters Uncut. Sisters Uncut are an intersectional feminist collective who take direct action for domestic violence services.

40 pages, in red and black risograph printed by Footprint Workers Co-operative. They are an edition of 200 and designed by our own Lily Arnold.

Contributions from:


Jelly Cleaver (she/her) is a jazz musician, singer-songwriter and activist based in South London. Her lyrics are often inspired by themes of social justice, spirituality and existentialism.

Instagram/twitter: @jellycleaver


Annie Dobson (she/her) is an MA Creative and Critical Writing graduate. Her lyric essays and short stories have appeared in places such as Ambit, Cipher Shorts, The Grapevine, Living Artists and Porridge amongst others. She lives in London.

Twitter: @anidbsn

Instagram: @anidsn


Jules (she/her or they/them) loves growing wonky veg and making quilts.


Meg Gripton-Cooper (she/her) is a SHU Creative Writing graduate, based in Nottinghamshire. Her poem 'medusa' comes from her MA poetry portfolio 'four medusas', for which she received the Ictus Prize. She is currently working on her first novel.

Twitter: @megan_gc_


Ignatz Maria is a transsexual and anti-imperialist, currently working in fast food and the paid care sector in the north of england. She is not waiting for the revolution.


Sunayana Bhargava (she/her) is a British-born Indian poet and astrophysicist. Her work has been featured in the Bloodaxe Books anthology Hallelujah for 50ft Women and BBC Radio 3. When she's not writing or researching, she can usually be found searching for the sunniest park bench to sit on.


Daisy Riley (she/her) is a 2020 fashion media graduate who has been using her lockdown in London to pursue creative work that speaks up for the causes she cares about, ranging from one off statement pieces like these poems, to starting an ethical brand with her twin sister

Instagram: @monozygotic_


A chinese-malaysian living in London, L Kiew works as a charity sector leader and accountant. Her debut pamphlet The Unquiet was published by Offord Road Books in 2019. She was a 2019/2020 London Library Emerging Writer. L Kiew is currently working on her first collection. (she/her)

Twitter @l_kiew

Instagram @l.kiew


fliss, she/they, is a poet settling in Yorkshire and hoping to make sense of gender, capitalism, and human-nature relations in contemporary england.


Erin Coppin (she/her) is a British/Canadian writer living in the UK. She has been published by Popshot, Boston Literary Magazine, the Fenland Poetry Journal, and others. She was the winner of the Unpublished Poet's Prize in the MsLexia and Poetry Book Society's Women's Poetry Competition 2019


Tara (she/her) is a Sheffield based film photographer who mainly focuses portraiture. She is about to graduate with a degree in Physics and Philosophy and is excited to become a “proper” adult.


Ruth (she/her) is a poet, photographer and artist. Her work evokes ethereal and sublime images as she explores her struggles with identity and expression —often feeling at “battle” with her body. She uses depictions of nature and environment to reflect on the world around her.


River Ellen MacAskill (b. 1994) is a writer from the north of Scotland based in Glasgow. They have a novel, Coasting, and a poetry pamphlet, Virility at Home, forthcoming in 2021.

Instagram: @__leomoon


M. R. Massey (she/they) is a QWOC poet from Bedford whose work centres around magic and the Indian diaspora. They are the recipient of the 2020 Michael Donaghy Poetry Prize. In 2020, their poetic artwork ‘swim’ was exhibited by Tate. They have written for The Reykjavík Grapevine and had work published by Young Writers UK, Samfiftyfour, and Burning House Press. They front the band Ancient Amateurs and volunteer on the British Museum's LGBTQ+ team when they aren't busy being a postgraduate student.


Molly (she/they) lives in Leeds, where they are studying Creative Writing in Contemporary Culture from inside their room. They strongly believe that crafts are punk and the Tories are lower than vermin

Instagram: @mollinder


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