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Dead [Women] Poets Society Blog

Submit your translations & help fund our editorship of Modern Poetry in Translation

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

We are so delighted to announce that we are teaming up with the wonderful folks at Modern Poetry in Translation to guest edit their next issue!

Women are severely underrepresented in poetry in translation. Our co-directors Jasmine Simms and Helen Bowell are editing the focus of the Autumn issue of this world-leading journal of translated poetry and essays... and we want you to a) submit and b) help us reach our fundraising target!

To cover the costs of producing MPT, and to pay poets and ourselves a fair fee, we need to fundraise £1,500. Normally when the focus is on a particular country, MPT is able to fundraise by going to embassies; but because our focus will be on dead women and non-binary poets from across time and space, we've turned to crowdfunding!

We have a whole host of exciting perks and goodies at different price ranges, from £5 for a thank you and a dead woman poet's poem emailed to you, through to £25 for an issue, a D[W]PS tote bag, a badge and more, and all the way up to £250 if you're in a position to sponsor our online launch.

If you're not able to donate (which we totally appreciate), please please please spread the word about the campaign and consider submitting a translation - especially if you're a female-identifying writer and especially if you've never translated anything before!

Translate a poem by a dead woman or non-binary poet from any language into English by 17 August 2020. Head to MPT's website for more information on how to submit. We cannot wait to read your translations and to learn about women and non-binary poets from all languages.

Everyone is welcome to submit, but for this special issue women translators are particularly encouraged, especially women translators of colour, LGBTQ women, working class women, d/Deaf women and disabled women, and those new to translation.

We are so excited about this collaboration and have long had translation close to our hearts. Women poets are seriously undertranslated - and we hope to shine a light on our neglected literary great-grandmothers no matter their mother tongue.


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