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Dead [Women] Poets Society Blog

We reached our goal! Can you help us publish even more women poets in translation?

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our Indiegogo campaign! We've raised our target of £1,500 in a week, which is unbelievable. We are so grateful to everyone for their support and generosity and we can't wait to get cracking on this issue of Modern Poetry in Translation (we're already starting to read your submissions - keep 'em coming!).

We're now setting ourselves a few stretch goals. If we can raise £2,000, we'll be able to extend the issue, so that we can publish even more translations of women poets of the past.

At £2,200 we can add 16 more pages.

At £2,400 we can produce a truly bumper issue, with an extra 24 pages.

… and so on. Let's see how far we can get! Plus, you wouldn't want to miss your chance to get a limited edition postcard and your name on the MPT website (alongside a whole host of other fun perks for donors), would you? If you haven't donated yet, we'd love you to help us make this important issue of MPT even bigger, and if you have, please keep sharing the campaign so more people can find out about it! Here's the all-important link.

And don't forget to submit! We're looking for translations of dead women poets. The deadline is 17 August 2020. If you are intrigued, we would love to hear from you! Find out how to submit here. #JoinTheSéance

Find out more about this project and watch a video of one of our directors gesturing wildly here.


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